There are so many women and men who battle with poor self esteem, distorted body image, struggle with eating disorders and feel like they have no one to turn to.  I’ve created this site, for all of us, who feel alone and just don’t know where to go?  As we age, it becomes more and more difficult to break out of this rut, we become stuck, feeling hopeless and lost; I know this, because I was there.  I also know, these beliefs and feelings are false; with a community of supportive, caring people, the cycle can be broken and we can all be free!

What I want to offer to you, the reader, is the opportunity to view recovery, from a different perspective.  Not from the perspective of someone telling you what you ‘should’ do or ‘should’ be feeling, be that your Doctor, Parent, Clinician or Friend, but from someones who’s gone through and is going through, the same type of conflicts.

I also want to offer you the perspective of someone, who thought they were too old, it was too late, too much time had been wasted and their life was up.

So far, sounds pretty grim, huh?!  To be honest, some of it is, but come hell or high water, I will tell you all about those moments in time, my demons, what I did to quiet them and eventually, how I conquer them.  That being said, there are many elements of my life that are wonderful, filled with amazing people and moments, I will by no means skip over these.  I plan to share each part of this journey, told in a distinct Jenn fashion, which I like to think is compassionate, witty, thoughtful and non-judgemental.

So now that your interested, because lets face it, how could you not be, start reading!